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"A Library is the great gymnasium where we go to make our minds strong"

ANGRAU Library System and Management

Institutions of higher education have the main responsibilities of equipping students researchers, scientists and faculty with advanced knowledge and skills. A well-equipped and managed library is an essential pre requisite to achieve this. In particular, scientific research needs a library as well as laboratories. Keeping this in view, the Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) library system undertakes many responsibilities and performs varied functions and place a vital role in the University Education, Research and Extension by providing excellent resources of knowledge in Agriculture and related subjects. The students of ANGRAU are performing well in ICAR, GATE and other competitive examinations.

The ANGRAU Library System is having 10 Libraries in its fold apart from the University Library located at the head-quarter in Guntur. The main motto of the Libraries is to accomplish its task of reaching to wider user community comprising of students, teachers, scientists and extension specialists. All the ANGRAU libraries have the collection in Agriculture and allied sciences that comprises of Books, Periodicals, Back-Volumes and Reports etc. Apart from print resources, the e-Resources are being made available through online.

The ANGRAU Libraries function under the overall supervision of the University Librarian. The Regional Libraries and the College Libraries are run by the Assistant Librarians under the administrative control of the Associate Deans in the respective Colleges.

Andhra Pradesh state is divided into two states (residuary Andhra Pradesh &Telangana) after bifurcation and the university also divided into two Universities i.e Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) and Professor Jaya Shankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU). Before bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University was maintaining central library with very big building having all the resources viz., text books, e-books, e-resources, e-journals, periodicals, back volumes, reports, digital library, e-resources center and all library facilities pertaining to the faculties of Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering and Home Science.

Library System was reorganized in 2016, forming University Library at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The library system consists of the following.

University Library : Lam, Guntur
Regional Libraries : 1. S.V. Agricultural College, Tirupati
  2. Agricultural College, Bapatla
College Libraries : 1. Agricultural College, Naira
  2. Agricultural College, Mahanandi
  3. Agricultural College, Rajahmundry
  4. College of Agricultural Engineering, Bapatla
  5. College of Agricultural Engineering, Madakasira
  6. College of Food Science & Technology, Bapatla
  7. College of Food Science & Technology, Pulivendula
  8. College of Home Science, Guntur

The Library has created a database of Books, Journals, Theses, Reports and Reference sources and it's made available through 'OPAC'. The library has also created databases of current periodicals, CD's, on-line Jo urnals subscribed and digitized database of Theses available in the Library. It also has contributed to the project Strengthening of Digital Library and Information Management under NARS (e-Granth) by setting up a work station for digitization of old resources prior to 1960, which is housed in the library building. Recently library has implemented KOHA Library Management System. The library has implemented and adopting new technologies to keep pace with the growing information needs of the community to provide better information services.

Working Hours

Monday to Saturday 8.00 am to 6.30 pm
Sunday and Second Saturday 8.00 am to 1.00 pm
Library closed on Government Holidays


  • Book lending
  • Reference
  • Education (Offers Compulsory Non-Credit Course PGS 601: LIS to all PG & Ph.D research scholars)
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Reprography
  • Resource sharing through: Consortium of e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA)
  • Digital Library Services like information download from Online sources for the benefit of Library users
  • Online Document Delivery Service (DDS)
  • SC/ST Book Bank
  • Organization of regular Information Literacy Programmes


The Circulation Section will look after the Issue and Return of Books, Collection of over Due Charges, Process the membership Cards etc.


S.No Category Number of Books Period of Loan
1 Members of various university bodies indicated in Rule No. 1(a) 02 30 Days
2 University Officers as indicated in Section 9 of the University Act. 12 30 Days
3 Professor 05 30 Days
4 Assoc. Professor 04 30 Days
5 Asst. Professor 03 30 Days
6 Research & Extension Staff 02 30 days
7 Other Staff All cadres 01 30 days
8 Ph.D. Students 03 15 days
9 PG Students 03 15 days
10 UG Students 02 15 days

The library has a good collection of books. Of these, more than 1,000 books are kept as reference books. The collection includes textbooks, reference books, manuals, monographs, dictionaries, encyclopedias and colour atlases. Around 100 to 200 basic to advanced books are added every year for the users of the library. Thesis/ Dissertations are available more than 300.

e-Books: Collection of about 650 e-books at present and all these e-books are accessible via the e-book gateway of OPAC which is available through the Intranet connecting all the three teaching campuses and the University headquarters. E-Books like CRC Books, CABI Books and Elsevier e-Books. The e-Book gateway also provides web links to major e-book gateways which are providing access to thousands of full-text e-books covering various disciplines including veterinary and animal sciences

The University Library subscribes to various National and International Journals and Magazines, Competitive Examinations Material etc. to provide up to date and nascent information to the Library users. The following periodicals are being subscribed every year.

I. Current Periodicals: Journals are the medium of scientific communication because of its up-to-datedness. The library subscribes about 35 foreign journals and 165 Indian journals.

II. Back Volumes: The old journals are hardbound and kept as Back Volumes for reference. So far, the library has built up over 825 back volumes of journals.

III. e-Journals: In the electronic age, information-seeking process is made so much easier and quicker by introduction of e-journals and digital library. Falling in line with modern electronic era, the Regional Library has also activated on-line access to about 100 foreign journals and 30 Indian journals. A list of Open Access e-Journal Portals has also been compiled by the Library and web links established to those portals to ensure easy access to the invaluable journal literature. CAB Abstracts, e-Journals Database, CAB Online Abstract Services, INDIASTAT: Statistical Database, AgriCat, KrishiKosh, KrishiPrabha.

IV. Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA): In addition to its own collections, the regional library has access to Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA), an online journal consortium funded under NAIP of ICAR. CeRA provides access to about 2,800+ online journals covering various disciplines of agricultural sciences including veterinary and animal sciences.CD-ROM/DVD Collections: The library has about 1177 CD-ROM products for the users to retrieve necessary scientific data. This collection includes databases and CD-ROM products including DVDs. The DVDs are mirrored in a DVD server and made accessible via the Library LAN Network.

The Reference section of the Library houses the Library's reference books which are meant to provide quick and accessible information on any particular topic. Reference books include topics that are intended to guide researchers in their studies. Each copy of Book recommended by Teachers & Students will be kept for reference purpose. Reference material is not meant for circulation.

Electronic surveillance system has been installed in the library to ensure proper safety and security of the valuable library collection. The system consisting of IR surveillance cameras and monitors help the library administration to track the movements of the library users.

Photocopying facilities are available to the library users at nominal charges. To improve the services, two digital copiers (scanner, printer and copier) and a digital copier had been added recently. The students and staff utilize these facilities for their reprographic requirements.

The Regional Library is a participating library under CeRA project and through this project it shares the library resources of about 123 libraries including SAU/SVU and ICAR institute libraries. Further, the library is an institutional member of the OCLC Library for resource sharing.

An SC/ST Book Bank comprising of basic and advanced books has been established in the library for the benefit of SC/ST students of Colleges.Information Literacy Programmes / Seminar / Workshop: The Library periodically conducts information literacy / library orientation programmes to the library users. Awareness programmes are also being conducted for the benefit of library users regularly.

A separate competitive examination cell has been established at all the AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY campuses for the benefit of those students who are appearing for various competitive examinations for the better placement position and higher studies. This section provides the useful material which is very much required for the aspirants of ICAR Examinations, ASRB, ARS, ICAR-JRF/NET, UPSC, APPSC, GMAT, TOEFL and all Bank exams etc.

The digital library infrastructure facilities viz., Interactive Digital Board, Computers with latest Configuration, Internet facility, etc. are fully strengthened in the existing libraries as well as established digital libraries in new colleges to utilize the electronic information i.e. CeRA, CAB Abstracts, Krishiprabha, EBSCO, Indiastat, CRC NetBase e-Books, CAB e-Books, Elsevier e-Books etc. for the improvement of academic and research programmes. All the ANGRAU Libraries are equipped with the sufficient number of computers with latest configuration and U.P.S. facility, Printers, Touch Screen Computers etc. to access the e-Resources and also to browse the Internet. The internet facility is available in all the campuses of ANGRAU libraries.

The ANGRAU Libraries conducting PGS-501 Non Credit Library Information Services Course to the PG and Ph.D. Students. The main objective of the course is to educate the users about how to access resources in library and utilize them using the new technology.

ANGRAU University Library is preparing to bring out the following publications for the benefits of Teachers, Sciences, Extension specialist and Students.

  1. Current Agricultural Titles (Quarterly)
  2. ANGRAU Agricultural University Library Bulletin (Half Yearly)
  3. ANGRAU Agricultural University Theses Abstracts (Yearly)
  4. News Paper Clippings (Monthly)

The ANGRAU Librariessubscribe to more than 10 daily News papers in different languages viz. Telugu, English.

The ANGRAU University Library is implementing Library Security System (Library RFID Management System) which protects the library material from theft. The system can be customized for exits and entrances. The Library Security System will ensure in protecting the library material.

The ANGRAU Libraries have subscribed e-Resources/Online Resources to provide the latest information to the Teachers, Scientists, Extension Specialists, Students etc. to meet their research and educational information needs.


1 CAB Online Version: provides abstract and full text data from 1990 to present with CD back up for the year 2013-2014. Online CAB Abstracting services data is very useful in formulating technical programmes, research projects, writing Ph.D. and M.Sc. theses etc.
2 J-Gate Agriculture and Biological Sciences: It has also provides access to Online e-Journals Portal called J-Gate Agriculture and Biological Sciences under CeRA for the year 2013-2014 (which covers data from January 2001 to present).
3 Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA): The ICAR has provided Consortium On-line e-Resources service called CeRA Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture) under NAIP project from 2008 onwards. It is providing access to nearly 3700 journals in Agriculture and allied disciplines. The user ID and Passwords have been circulated to all the Colleges of the University, Research Stations and also to all the patrons of the University to utilize the e-Resources effectively.


1 The ANGRAU Central Library has purchased 510 CABI e-Books on perpetual basis and on DVD. The User ID and Password will be circulated to all the Colleges of the University, Research Stations.
2 Elsevier e-Books/e-Books on SciVerse Science Direct: Elsevier e-Books on science Direct provide the comprehensive and reliable content that researchers need, the accessibility and search ability that researchers want which alone cannot available in print sources.
3 e-Books Taylor & Francis: The ANGRAU Central Library has purchased more than 210 CRC Net Base e-Books on Agriculture and allied sciences which can be accessed through I.P. and User ID and Password basis. The e-Books are very much useful to the Teachers, Scientists, Extension Specialists and Students to browse the important content on agricultural and allied sciences.


1 IndiaStat - Statistical Database: is an authentic storehouse for socio-economic statistics about India. Provides statistical data, current happenings with a statistical approach, articles from scholars on subjects of social and economic importance etc.


1 Krishi Prabha Indian Agricultural Doctoral Dissertations Repository service. It provides access to the Ph.D. theses of all the State Agricultural Universities and ICAR institutes in India from the year 2000 to 2007.
2 KrishiKosh: KrishiKosh is an Institutional Repository under National Agricultural Research System (NARS). The repository of knowledge in Agriculture and allied sciences, having collection of old and valuable books, records and various documents spread all over the country in different libraries of Research Institutions and State Agricultural Universities (SAUs).

AgriCat: AgriCat is the Union Catalogue of the holdings of 12 major libraries of the ICAR Institutes and SAUs. It has been created with the partnership of OCLC WorldCat. The ANGRAU Central Library is also a member library in AgriCat/World and contributed nearly 35,000 bibliographical records.


Faculty profile
  1. Dr. R. Sarada Jayalakshmi Devi
    University Librarian
  2. Dr. T. SreenivasaRao Assistant Professor (LIS)
Faculty profile
Staff are on Part-time and Contract Basis
Faculty profile
Staff are on Out-sourcing Basis
Faculty profile
  1. Smt. T. Lakshmi Kantamma Superintendent
  2. Sri K. Subba Reddy Office Sub-ordinate



The University Librarian
Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University
Admn. Camp Office, Vijaya Durga Towers
M.G. Inner Ring Road, Guntur - 522 509
Andhra Pradesh (India)
Telephone: 9959250867,7032634888